Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summertime ...

And the living is easy! A tractor is making its way up and down the grassy ski slopes and the first cut of the fields around the Okemo Valley has left the warm summer air heady with the aroma of newly mown hay. Strawberry season has given way to raspberry season and it won't be long before wild blueberries start ripening. Fledglings seem to all be leaving their nests at the same time - to a carcophany of squawks from anxious mother robins and redwing blackbirds. The summer season, in all of its splendor, is marching onward and it won't be long before we notice the daylight hours growing shorter. It's in the quiet moments of the day that we can witness the ever-changing world around us and note the subtle transitions of the seasons. Summer is in full swing. The Vermont hills are echoing with sounds of music festivals and town-green gazebo concerts. Summer theatre performances are a nightly occurance. Harried show-goers dine al fresco. Lotion-slathered children squeal as they splash in lakewater that was still numbing cold just a few short weeks ago. The bounty of the harvest makes each visit to the farmers' market more rewarding. Yes, summertime ... and the living in Vermont is easy. Cheers!

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