Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Day of Rest for Snowmaking

It looks like Mother Nature may be giving Okemo's top-rated snowmaking team a day of rest today. With temperatures already inching their way up toward the freezing mark in these pre-dawn hours, we're in for a temperate day on the slopes.

Just to give you some idea of Okemo's dedication to snowmaking, we've already pumped 50 million gallons of water through our snowmaking system. And as soon as the mercury drops in the thermometer, we'll be out there making more snow. We're testing out some new technology on lower elevations. We've installed 15 SV10 HKD tower guns on the Open Slope above the Clock Tower base area. They are able to make snow efficiently at close-to-freezing temps. Assistant Mountain Manager Eb Kinney says, "They're wicked efficient."

Where will the guns be fired up next? The plan is to start working our way toward Solitude and then South Face. Once we get into December (and all the migrating bears are deemed safely asleep in their winter beds) we'll start blasting the guns on Jackson Gore.

So make a plan to gobble up the gobbler (and all those yummy fixin's) and head to Okemo for a great weekend of skiing. We're working toward a goal of having 25 trails open and 8 lifts running this weekend. Get all the details at our online snow report or call Okemo's snowphone at (802) 228-5222. Cheers!

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