Monday, November 12, 2007

Snow Guns A-Blazin'!

I've always thought of snowmakers as the cowboys of the East. There's a certain romanticism associated with the wild west and the independent lifestyle of the rugged men who embrace the elements and roll along like a tumbleweed.

Like cowboys, snowmakers are a different breed. They are a hearty lot with a willingness to work in all elements, hauling hoses and lugging snowguns around in freezing cold and wet conditions - day or night.

It's not a job that I'd want to tackle. I like knowing that while I'm snug in my bed, those hard-working souls are out on the mountain, braving the elements to prepare a surface for me to experience the thrill of a well executed turn on skis. I get to come as close as a person can get to the sensation of flying, thanks to their willingness to combine compressed air and water in the chill of the night.

Opening day is just a few days away and it's looking like we could have as many as four lifts accessing up to a dozen trails. Stay tuned at for up-to-the-minute info. Cheers!


Admin said...

Your web cam appears to be stuck in 1 position

snowmaker said...

Which trails/lifts will be open on Saturday? Downloading on North Star?

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Here is where we've been blowing snow:

-Link, Upper and Lower World Cup, Timberline, Route 103, Upper Arrow, Sapphire, and Countdown

They also blew snow in the base area this morning - so we'll have to see on the downloading. We'll know more as the week progresses.

As for lifts, looks like we'll have the F-10 carpet, Sachem Quad, Glades Peak and the Northstar.

sushiman492 said...

is there going to be any form of park open by the 21st??

Nor'Easter185 said...

hey do you guys know whats gonna be set up as far as boxes and rails? Pleasseee have a gooood selection :)