Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rock on Mother Nature!

Check out the forecast here for the next few days... couldn't ask for much better, really. Snowmaking continues this morning so look for updated photos in our gallery later on today.


tomski said...

With temps like these why aren't you blowing to the base? You could eliminateteh entire bus/downloading nightmare.

Okemo1-2 said...


I can assure you that any chance that we get, we will be making snow in the base area. While these are OK temperatures, they aren't excellent in the base area as the humidity is high. Believe you me, there is nobody that would like to not have to shuttle than me...... 1st priority is to make snow on lower World cup and the base area and second priority is the upper mountain.

We'll be opening next Saturday....

Bruce Schmidt
V.P. & G.M
Okemo Mountain Resort

snowmaker said...

Why is it that Mount Snow was able to open today November 10th, 2007 while Okemo and Killington the "powerhouses of snowmaking" are closed? Does this have to do anything with the fact that Mt Snow uses fan guns while Okemo and killington favor regular air/water guns?

Okemo1-2 said...

That is exactly why Mount Snow got Open. The Fan guns can make snow at higher temperatures and there isn't a need for compressed air like a normal air water gun. There is also a need for electrical outlets on the side of the trail to run the guns. Okemo has been running non stop since Wednesday and will continue as long as temps permit. Lets hope for some cold temps on the lower mountain so we can make near the base area.... Congrats to Mount Snow on getting open. Good luck this season.

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo Mountain Resort

Paul Ritz said...

My girlfriend and I are going to Okemo Dec. 7th for the Vertical Challenge. As Okemo is our mountain of choice, knowing that Mount Snow is open I might have to go next weekend just to get my snow legs. Okemo - see you in Dec. and many times after.