Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Progress Report

My morning commute is filled with anticipation at this time of year. I live south of Okemo so I make the drive up Rt. 103 each morning. There's a spot down around Bixby Field, when the full panorama of the mountain presents itself and my eye quickly scans the expanse to get a visual update of snowmaking progress as the start of the season approaches.

What a treat it was to see snow covering the top portion of World Cup, one of my favorite trails on the mountain! It looks like our team of snowmakers was busy this weekend and we're expecting to fire up the system again tonight as temps permit. Mother Nature is coming around with some favorable temps and humitidy levels so snowmaking is expected to continue. We might even see a little of the natural white stuff at upper elevations - at least that's what the local meteorologists are saying.

We'll be updating our snowphone (802-228-5222) and website snow report, so stay tuned for updates. Cheers!


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