Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Hijinks!

Okemo is known as a family-friendly mountain, but not many people realize it's not just human families we strive to please. For years, a pair of penguin siblings named Toby and Philamena lived happily in the Snow Stars Children's Program building at the Main Base. When the Snow Stars Program was expanded to the Jackson Gore (J.G.) Base Area several years ago, the penguin pair was split up, with Toby being sent against his will to the other side of the mountain. Upon seeing how distraught his sister was over losing her only brother, the Snow Stars Penguin Protective Detail was born.

Sworn to secrecy, this crack-squad of kids’ instructors uses whatever non-violent means possible to keep Toby and Philamena together. After being reunited at the end of last season, Toby again disappeared around the beginning of December. Rumors claiming Toby was back at the J.G. Snow Stars H.Q. were impossible to confirm until yesterday. Upon learning of the location of their beloved bird, the S.S.P.P.D. sprang into action late last night.

It is my honor to announce that the penguin duo has once again been reunited! Although a ransom note has been dispatched to the J.G. Snow Stars staff, the demands are not expected to be met. A Jackson Gore Snow Stars official who refused to be identified said, "The Waffles aren't the issue so much as the smelling of [Snow Stars Assistant Manager] Kyle's feet!"

It is hoped that by publishing the previously classified details of the on-going penguin war, public outcry will lead to a d├ętente between the two sides. Stay tuned for more information...

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