Friday, January 4, 2008

Who Wants Pie?

Okemo is playing host to a group of skiing and snowboarding celebrities this week. Musicians from various well-known groups are coming together as Yukon Kornelius for a benefit concert at the Pickle Barrel Nightclub on Wednesday, January 9. Yukon Kornelius is anchored by Stefan Lessard, bass guitarist from the Dave Matthews Band, who will be joined on stage by Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies and Adam Gardner of Guster. Special guests, such as drummer Eric Fawcett from N.E.R.D and others, will join Yukon Kornelius. Stage and screen actor Jason Biggs will be the host for this special evening.

Jason is best known for the lead role in the movie American Pie. if you've seen the movie, you can well imagine the sophomoric jokes being lobbed around the marketing office this week. I have to admit that I've played a key role in instigating the silliness.

Jason is reported to have said, "I've heard every pie joke in the book. I'm still waiting for an original one."

I don't know if we've come up with any original jokes, but we've been having fun trying. Always at the ready to take it over the top, some conspiring members of the Okemo sales and marketing team started my day with a laugh. A freshly baked apple pie on my desk awaited my arrival to the office this morning. Who needs coffee when you can start the day with a belly laugh? Jason was standing outside my office door when I broke into hysterics and got a chuckle out of it all when someone handed him the pie.

Another quote attributed to Jason is, "A girl came up to me in a bar and said she wanted to be my apple pie. I wish I'd said something cool, but I was stunned."

By now he's probably come up with a comeback for that line and you'll have a chance to test out that theory on Wednesday night, Jan. 9, when Jason emcees for the Yukon Kornelius concert at the Pickle Barrel in Killington, Vt. Visit Okemo's website for information on the concert and learn how you can get tickets to the show. Cheers!

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