Thursday, January 31, 2008

Parks & Pipes Update

Nor'easter and the Zone have some new toys and snow this week. Be sure to check out the new pix on the Park page within the Parks & Pipes section of the site.

Straight from boss..."We (Jeremy) added about 8 new features this week so far. 24 ft. flat about 16 inches wide. A new and improved flat down flat down rail, let me tell you is not for the meek. It is located under the northstar lift so it's definitely show time. The 40ft. flat bar is back set up on a down slope and the 40ft. flat down is next to it. From there you drop into a 3 jump rhythm section of 30 footers. Next to the up rail we have dropped in a piece of corrugated pipe. When you come up this weekend take your vitamins and bring your A-game!"


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Okemo Mountain Resort said...

From today's email...

"I've had a season pass to Okemo for the last 3years solely because you have the best pipe in the East ( My 2+ hour drive is worth it ). I rode for Burton for 5 years and have been a pipe jock my whole life. The point is, I know a good
pipe when I ride one. The point of my email is to say John Boudro is the best pipe cutter on the East coast and this guy deserves more praise and credit than I can give him. I realize building and maintaining a perfect pipe is extremely difficult and tedious, that's why most resorts hardly
bother. It takes a person with alot of patience and commitment to build and maintain a great pipe, especially with New England's unpredictable weather. John has proven, year after year, he's that kind of guy. The pipe started out alittle rough this year ( I'm being picky because I know
how good John is ) and then we had a week of rain too. I was there this past weekend, riding both Sat. and Sun., and the pipe was unreal. Trannies were smooth and consistent all the way down. The walls had perfect vert all the way down. The whole thing was perfect! Give the guy a raise.
Fantastic job John. Thanks. I can't wait to get back down there again this week. I also want to thank the mountain, in general, for putting the time and resource into keeping a phenomenal pipe year after year." ~Chris in VT