Sunday, February 3, 2008


The clock is ticking and it's only a matter of hours until the big game gets underway! I convinced a co-worker (with a big-screen TV and a girlfriend who is an exceptional talent in the kitchen) to host a Super Bowl party. It's such a comforting feeling to know that, even as I type, the wings are marinating and a variety of dips are in various stages of formation. I'm trying out a new recipe for crab dip. I hope it's a success, but then again, what's not to love with butter, cheese, sour cream and crabmeat?

I must officially go on record as saying that I completely underestimated the commitment of New England and New York winter enthusiasts. I really thought that skiing and snowboarding would take a back seat to the anticipation and preparation for the big game between the two rivaling regions. I expected that the slopes would be empty - that it would be slower than a midweek day in May ... and that no amount of advertising or p.r. messaging could convince skiers and riders to come to Okemo on Super Bowl Sunday. I even went on the record with that prediction. Clearly, it's not going to be as busy as it was on MLK weekend, but the weekend that we, in the marketing and sales departments, have affectionately referred to as a "sucking-sound" weekend, has turned out to be surprisingly good. Eastern skiers and snowboarders, I salute you. Now pass that plate of nachos, would you? Cheers!

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