Saturday, January 12, 2008

What people are saying...

Good ol' Mother Nature has thrown us a few curve balls the last few days, but that doesn't stop Okemo from delivering the best conditions possible. In fact, here's what a few recent guests reported:

We went out today with low expectations. Monday was soft and wonderful, but there was not much left a the top of the mountain. We skipped Tuesday and Wednesday. But we decided to give the mountain a try today since it had finally gone below that beautiful 32 degree mark again.

Wow! The groomers found some snow somewhere to push onto the top of the Northstar. Chief was a dream. Even the top that is often blown off was carvable. The lower parts were pure pleasure. Give our thanks to the grooming team. I don’t know how they did it, but today was great. ~David from CT

One of the reasons Okemo is my favorite mountain is your outstanding snow making and grooming operation. Despite knowing you're great in that department, I was impressed that the mountain was as skiable as it was on Wed. -- a day when I heard that Stratton had actually closed. On Thursday I rated some trails especially Chief and World Cup as close to excellent. ~Dave from NY

What can I say, your grooming team rocks. They pulled off nothing short of a miracle. Keep up the good work! ~Chrissie from PA

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