Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Park n Pipe Artists

It's funny how our world has changed from face to face meetings to phone, internet and video conferences. Doesn't anyone like that personal touch anymore? Sure it saves time and money, but it's obviously easier to disagree with people when you can hide behind a computer or phone. Yes, work is still getting done, but constructive criticism is better taken when face to face. All this said, I'm hangin with my man Ross Powers today and we were discussing the Terrain Parks here at Okemo. We've ripped many a mountain and both were in agreeance that our Parks and Pipe crew is killer. These guys are out there everyday (no matter the conditions) maintaining their works of art. Not many people know that these artists sweep thru the parks a couple times a day manicuring each feature to their high specifications. Ross and I were quite impressed with the meticulous dedication to their canvas. You don't get ranked 4th in the COUNTRY and 2nd in the EAST sitting around on your butt so, if you have any suggestions just ask them - don't hide behind your computer - they're human, I swear.

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pogonips said...

You're absolutely right... Okemo's parks and the pipe always rock, and the park crew is the best!