Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blue Skies, White Snow and Golden Sunshine

It's a color cascade kind of day! How lucky are you if you get to go out and play today? I'm green with envy looking at bluebird skies and white ribbons of freshly groomed corduroy. The cold temps have kept the trees at the summit frosted like a sugar donut, but those golden rays of sunshine are a warm reminder that the days are getting longer and winter is starting to wane. The weeks ahead are my favorite time to ski. It's so good to get together with friends and take to the slopes for a day-long party that starts with first tracks and ends with a frosty amber beverage by the fire. Okemo's group sales team has come up with some pretty special offers for groups of friends and family who can be a little flexible with their planning. It looks like they've had a little fun coming up with these March Madness gems. Cheers!

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