Monday, March 17, 2008

Is that a Marshmallow Peep in the Trees?

Eastern Ski Writers Association President Chris Dehnel spent Sunday in the glades researching terrain for upcoming segments in his Journal Inquirer column and SnowEast magazine and had this to report:

"Tree skiing at Okemo is the best its been in five years.

The run down Outrage was silky smooth - especially in the middle - and almost every fall line had it rewards. There were a lot of easy decisions to make in there - even over the ledges where one can get abit of air.

Forest Bump was a little firm at the top, but the rest of the glade made one forget about that in a hurry.

Supernova had an annoying crust to it - as did most of Jackson Gore early in the day - but when it softens up over the next couple of days, add that run to the list of must-dos for the this spring.

But the real hero of the day was Loose Spruce. It began with a smooth carpet and became better as one worked his way down the glade. Skiing it just made one giddy."

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