Thursday, March 13, 2008

Note from Ross Powers

Feb 23rd and 24th I had one of my Ross Powers Camps at Mount Sunapee. We had a great camp with a good group of riders and coaches. The weather was nice and sunny and Sunapee did a great job with it's park. I don't think I left the park and pipe lift once the whole weekend. After the first day all the campers told me they at least learned one new trick if not a bunch as we were watching video of that day. On the Sunday of my camp there was a pipe contest that some of the campers rode in. One of the campers got second and one got third which was cool to see. I had a great time riding with everyone at the camp and look forward to going back to Sunapee for another camp next year.

I'm looking forward to my Ross Powers Camp coming up March 24th-26th at Okemo. We have a good group of coaches lined up for the camp and hopefully some nice spring weather. Okemo has had such a good pipe and park this year and I look forward to riding it as well as the mountain with all the campers. My goals for the camp are to help the campers learn new tricks, for them to meet new friends and most importantly to have fun. This year we've been doing more video of the campers which has been cool. We will also have a Pizza party with goodies and autographs. I hope to see you at my camp for a fun few days of snowboarding at Okemo.


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