Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's like a ghost town around here....

Jeez, Louise! You turn off a few lifts and people stop going skiing and snowboarding. You'd think it's summertime already. Well, now that you mention it, it is 65 degrees outside...and sunny.

Despite the lack of people this week, did you see the press release the mountain put out?....regarding skier days this winter?...huge, huge, huge. Thanks to Mother Nature and dedicated Okemo fans (like yourself), the mountain had an awesome winter. We even beat our own record from back in 2002-2003. big, big, big!

So instead of reminiscing about what has been, get out there and do your part to reduce (or even reverse) global warming, so that winter 2008-2009 will be just as good or even better than 2007-2008. And remember to do your snow dance at least once a week. You can never start too early for next season.

BTW: I walked up around the base lodge yesterday, and they've already plowed the Mountain Road...wonder if I can get to the top yet? hmmmm.....

Have a good one!

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