Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring...Right into Summer

Another bluebird day and temps in the 70's. What a way to end a great winter. I hope you were able to get out and enjoy the last few days on the snow at Okemo.

I was out this week and discovered a little gem known as Solitude. The trails at Solitude were groomed everyday this week, but the lift is closed for the you had to ski out and go down to the base of Jackson Gore. But let me tell you, the spring corduroy was sweeeet! I had so much fun. I will admit, if I had been on my snowboard, the flat parts would have been less than pleasant (maybe even downright crappy). But otherwise the snow was tons of fun.

Sadly, it is Sunday April 20th, which means no more skiing at Okemo after today....for winter 07/08. Then we have to wait another 210 days (my guess) until the lifts turn again.

Have a fun summer and keep stopping by the blog, to see what we're up to.

Now I have to go outside and enjoy a nice afternoon on the Okemo Beach and have fun at a BBQ.

See you on the snow!


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