Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trails Update

It's great to watch the Okemo mountain ops crew each day as they cut and shave away at our 2 new ski and ride trails for the winter. Yesterday they put up an erosion fence across a pitch 100 yards south of Quantum Leap- and it looks pretty steep there! That fencing was just in time too as a line of T-boomers marched across Vermont last night and lit up the sky!

While those fellas have been hard at work up on the hill, we've also been busy around the Jackson Gore base area cleaning up our hiking trails. These trails were cut when the Gore was developed several years ago but haven't seen much traffic, which is a shame. Check out the hiking trail map and help us groom our restored trails!

Here's some details on a couple of our hiking trails:

The Green Mountain Turnpike Trail follows the old toll road, commissioned in 1799. The trail passes close by the old Bixby farmstead which served as a toll house on the turnpike. You can clearly see the home's foundation from the trail.

The Jackson Falls trail ends at the confluence of 2 beautiful 60 foot cascading waterfalls after crossing under the Coleman Brook lift through a raspberry thicket.

The most difficult Sawmill Trail begins at the site of an early 1900's logging camp, you can even see where the logging camp was nestled next to the railroad tracks.

No doubt, Okemo is well known for it's trails during the winter- make sure you find out how great our summer trails are too!

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