Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun Facts About Okemo's New Trails

  • White Lightning measures about 1,000 feet long.

  • Rolling Thunder is about 2,600 feet long.

  • Both trails are rated black diamond.

  • Both trails will open au naturel this winter (sans snowmaking)

  • Rolling Thunder has a vertical drop of 850 feet.

  • Together, the new trails add approximately eight acres to Okemo’s skiable acreage total – now 632 acres.

  • The steepest pitch on Rolling Thunder is 28 degrees. It has a grade of 53 percent.

  • With the addition of Okemo’s newest trails, the new trail-difficulty breakdown is:
    29 percent easiest (green circle)
    37 percent intermediate (blue square)
    34 percent advanced and expert (black and double-black diamond)


geoffrey said...

can you please groom white lightning and rolling thunder i went on today and some spots had to much snow and powder and others with bear spots with grass and rock

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Hi Geoffrey - thanks for your comments. We realize there is sporadic snow on that trail and are working hard to keep it open. But we may be forced to look at it differently. Hopefully this new snow will help.