Friday, September 19, 2008

White Grass and Lawn Ghosts

Last night the temps dropped low enough to warrant starting up the wood stove. There's nothing like the radiant heat from a wood stove. The dogs went right into their winter routine and snuggled up against the hearth and enjoyed some of the heat.

This morning I stepped outside to walk the dogs and the grass in my yard was white. The temp this morning was about 34 degrees at my house. and i will admit, I am not much of a horticulturalist. So on my way to work, I was surprised to see that everyone had decorated their yards for Halloween, there were lawn ghosts everywhere. At first I thought everyone was getting a bit over-zealous with decorating, until I remembered that people who have gardens and delicate flowers need to cover them with sheets. I hope everyone's plants survived.

Frost means winter is right around the corner!

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