Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking into the eyes of The Beast

Move over, The Beast is coming!

My fellow snowreporter and I hit the trails today to check out Okemo’s new grooming monster, “The Beast”, which will be making its grooming debut this season on the slopes of Okemo. This monster of a machine features a driving cabin that looks like it could launch you into outer space and tracks large enough to crush anything and everything in its path. (Luckily for us, the grooming process only takes place overnight so we won’t have to worry about crossing trails with the Beast when it’s awake.)

This machine is making its first appearance on the east coast as the newest addition to Okemo’s grooming fleet. Technically known as the Prinoth BR500, The Beast sports a 500-horsepower engine along with the ability to travel at the same speed up and downhill. Outfitted with a 24-foot-wide tiller and a 20-foot-wide blade, this “Beast” is the largest groomer of its kind and will help us bring you even more comfortable corduroy out on the slopes this year!

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