Friday, December 5, 2008

From the inside looking out

The time is near for Okemo Parks & Pipes newest project to hit the snow. Fourteen months in R&D and production and we're now 1 week away from pulling the bus into its new home at Okemo. When the bus arrives next weekend we plan on celebrating, Okemo style. Let's get the tunes cranking and let people test this thing out!

Replacing the wall ride at the bottom of the SoBe Superpark, this new feature will be 40' of riding pleasure. You'll have a huge new curved wall ride to head up (oh yeah, it's clear too, so don't be surprised to see a park ranger in there watching you), a 32' box on the roof of the bus, and a box the size of a hood on the front. Not enough? There will be a rail in place of the bumper for those of you wishing to grind down a rail. Still not satisfied? How about tunes pumping out of the bus for your listening enjoyment?
Look for the bus next weekend and brush up on your bus riding skills. On February 28th we're throwing $1000 into the mix to see what you can bring to the table (errr bus).
See you on the hill!

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