Friday, November 28, 2008

Show Us Whatcha Learned

I just walked up with Jeff from events to scope out the setup for tomorrow's "What I Learned This Summer Rail Jam." Skiers and riders will be faced with a box so long they could eat a ham sandwich while sliding it. According to the Okemo Parks facebook page, the box is 115 feet long! There could even be a surprise feature at the end. The Parks and Pipes crew is still stirring their cauldron coming up with new concoctions, and we don't bother them when they're doing their mad scientist thing. Doesn't it look like that snowmobile is sliding the box? That would be pretty gnarly.

A live DJ will keep the energy level up all day with fresh tracks to get your shred on to. There's up to $500 in cash prizes to be awarded to the winners and a t-shirt toss at the end of the day. This is serious business. Not too serious though, because we like to keep it fun. If you're competing, good luck. If you're not, bring a camera! It's gonna be fun!

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