Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Almost time to get on the bus!

From concept to completion - the AMP Bus will be ready to rock by the weekend. Right now it sits in a heated garage and is being wrapped with AMP and Okemo logos. From the 32 foot roof ride, to the scooped out quarter, to the flat box hood, to the detachable box off of the front bumper this thing is quite impressive. It would look cool in my backyard jib park, but my wife would kill me. Every year there is one feature in the park that just seems to have my number. Last year it was the Cota & Cota Propane Tank. That thing had it out for me - I swear! I even switched to ordering propane from Irving Oil this summer because of that tank. I have a funny feeling that this bus will be the feature to recon with this year. Am I already psyching myself out? We'll see. Bus rides start soon - either you're in or you're out! GravityHound

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