Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What a charming first day

I finally made it out on the snow on Tuesday, Dec 9 for my first day of the year. What a great first day on the snow. Okemo had some new snow from Monday, which made for some wonderful conditions. I needed to get out on the snow so I could take part in the first week of the Okemo Innkeepers' Race Series. On my third run of the season, I was racing down Wardance. I succeeded at my goal of making it to the bottom in once piece. And my team is not in last place!

If' you've never done any racing, I highly recommend trying to find a race league near you, that you can join with some friend. What a fun time. You get to go out an slide on the snow, then like most recreation race leagues, there's an apres ski party each week. Yesterday our apres party was hosted by Killarney's Irish Restaurant right at the bottom of the mountain road. Killarney's sponsors a team and they also host 1-2 apres parties each winter. Each week a different pub or restaurant hosts the apres party. The apres parties give the racers a chance to catch up after a day on the snow. It's a perfect opportunity to give someone a good ribbing about going slowly and to compliment people on how they did.

If you happen to live and work near Okemo, and you'd like to take part in the Okemo Innkeeper's race series, you can learn more about it at

See you out there!

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