Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan. 20 is OkemOBAMA Day!

Jan. 20, 2009, is Inauguration Day for the 44th president of the United States of America. To celebrate the momentous inauguration of Barack Obama, Okemo Mountain Resort has declared Jan. 20 OkemOBAMA Day. Lift tickets will be priced at $44 for a full-day ticket and every television set within public view will be tuned to Inauguration Day festivities.


Frank said...

Hello Okemo Nation,
Looking at the weather for the next few days, it is going to be frigid cold. I really would not recommend anyone go skiing until this cold front clears. Frost bite is painful and in some cases never goes away. It is simply not worth it. So maybe next week will be better.
Take care,

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

It is cold, no doubt. From our mountain forecast, though, it appears that by Saturday there will be some moderation, with base temps around 15; Sunday upwards of 24. Layers, layers, layers... and foot warmers too. Definitely no exposed skin. All that said, the snow is fantastic!

Jim Lake said...

I agree that extreme cold should be taken very seriously, however, there are ways to enjoy it safely. I've been skiing on single-digit days with wind chills in the negative teens & twenties, and avoided frostbite and had the trails to myself. The way to do it is to cover absolutely everything (face mask & helmet are a must), wear glove liners under mittens, use toe warmers if your boots have room for them, and go into the lodge between runs to warm up. It also helps to ride the lift that is most sheltered from the wind. By the way, which lift would that be at Okemo? Solitude, maybe? (At least nothing is melting out there!)

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

You got it Jim - Solitude and Jackson Gore Express. See our post on other ways to stay warm too!

Mark said...

If you show up in a Prius on MessiahDay, do you get to park in the drop-off circle?