Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deep Presidents' Weekend Thoughts...

Do you think Abraham Lincoln would ski or ride, had he been living today (and wasn't, like, 200 years old)? My wife and I have had several deep discussions on this very subject, usually in the middle of the night:

Me: I think Abraham Lincoln would have been a pretty good skier, you know? Probably a telemarker. Maybe a snowboarder. But he was just so tall and lanky... I just think that he would've been a graceful, speedy, blue-groomer-kinda guy. Fleece stovepipe hat, ice on the chin beard, the works. "Four score and twenty minutes ago... I shredded that gnar!" "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right for big air and tasty rails..."

My Wife: Um... hon? You really need to stop eating buffalo wings right before bed.

(So it isn't really a "deep discussion" so much as proof that my wife is a patient woman. Sue me.)

Here's my question for you, Dear Readers (all twelve of you): Abe Lincoln, Great Emancipator, Savior of the Union and Our Greatest President: Skier or snowboarder? Discuss...

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Of the Snow said...

Lincoln was a rider, no doubt. The man wasn't afraid to co-opt his enemies in pursuit of his ultimate goal (i.e., the relationship between Jake Burton & S.A.M. in the early days, or Burton & the I.O.C. today); he supposedly suffered from bouts of depression (studies have shown that trying to be a little too much like Mike - Phelps, that is - can lead to depression); and, well, he was stubborn as a mule (recalcitrance is the real reason the majority of riders don't mind spending that much time sitting in the snow - it REALLY bugs the skiers!).

Lincoln was a rider, and if time travel is ever invented, I'm blowing the trust fund I don't have to head back to 1859 with a snowboard in order to make some turns with the Counselor himself!