Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okemo in under $50 a day!

Food. I love food. Who doesn't love food?

I recently challenged myself to a "whisk around Okemo Mountain" on under $50 a day... think I can do it?

8 am rise and shine - head to the mountain. For breakfast it's a quick stop at Cool Beans in the Okemo Clocktower Base Lodge for breakfast. That way I'm just steps from the chair. Gotta start my day with a hot VT brewed coffee and a freshly baked scone. Hey, there's fruit in it! 5.10 including tax.

11:45 am and it's ePIC at Solitude for lunch - a ski-in/ski-out mid-mountain restaurant, and my personal favorite. Stopping just before noon to hopefully get right in with a fireside table.

To start I go with a Soup Trio - I get a taste of three amazing hot soups in one entree - it's a nobrainer really at just $8. I follow that up with Pan Seared Scallops - a little protein served with a small salad - now we're talking. Just $11. To drink? Water with lemon. I need to rehydrate after a full morning of skiing. With tax and tip we're sitting right around $24.

2:30 or so and it's time for a Snack and bathroom break back at the Clocktower Base Lodge. I grab a bag of trail mix with peanuts, raisins and chocolate from the Base68 Cafe and hit the water fountain on the way back out the door. $4.30 including tax.

When the lifts close at 4 it's back inside - and the Sitting Bull is alive with entertainment. Great place to end the day. I'm not super hungry after a big lunch, so a hot cheese quesadilla packed with melted cheese, onions and peppers served with fresh salsa and sour cream and a cold Sam Adams hits the spot for dinner. With tax and tip its $14.98.

My grand total for the day? $48.38.

What's your favorite restaurant at Okemo?

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