Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Didja Hear The One About The Big Snowstorm?

Snow... snow... snooooow... snowsnowsnowsnow. (Snow!) We Okemo snow geeks just love it when the weather forecasters start freaking out over the possibility of another snowstorm hitting us right in the mouth. (Seriously, it's like a "Brangelina and Babies" sighting for these guys.) It's happening right now, as a matter of fact, as every major weather forecaster has their sights set on a big storm bearing down on the East.

How much snow are we gonna get, starting tonight? It's still a bit early to tell, but what the heck: I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict... 7-10 inches of snow on the mountain. (One forecast has us getting as much as 14 inches of snow, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, here.)

I wouldn't really be surprised if we get dumped on; to date, we're about 40% ahead of our average snowfall, so we've already seen our share of snowstorms this season, big and small. That means the biggest base depths in Vermont are, to quote Messrs. Hagar and Van Halen, right here, right now... and the conditions on Okemo Mountain are just about as buffed-out sweet as you'd expect.

So... if you not here right now (and if you are here right now, what the heck are you doing off the mountain reading a blog?), make plans for an epic upcoming weekend at Okemo. The roads will be clear on Friday... the sun will be shining... the mountain's calling to you... snow... snow...

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