Monday, February 16, 2009

The Truth About Teeth?

In the days leading up to President's Day, the Okemo snow report has made several references to George Washington's wooden teeth. It got me wondering, so I checked the George Washington Wiki. Here's what I learned ...

Washington had tooth-loss problems throughout his life and although he had several sets of false teeth made, none of them were crafted from wood. Apparently, the set he had when he became our country's first president was carved from hippopotamus and elephant ivory. The ivory was sculpted into a plate into which human teeth, plus pieces of horse and donkey teeth were inserted. It's no wonder his portraits never show him smiling.

Aside from the dental distractions, this has been a wonderful Washington's birthday weekend. Sunny skies, seasonable temperatures and great conditions have put smiles (none made of donkey teeth) on the faces of skiers and snowboarders from one end of Okemo to the other.

It looks like we may get something to sink our teeth into later this week - a little new snow! Stay tuned to Okemo's snow report and snow phone (802-228-5222). I promise our endentured snow reporters will stop filling the reports with toothless trivia.


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