Saturday, December 19, 2009

I love that Van Morrison song!

What? ... oh, I thought you said Tupelo Honey. What's that? You said it's two below, honey?

I glanced at the digital thermometer as I pulled out of the garage this morning and it read 14 degrees. "Hmmmm," I thought, "that's not as cold as I expected." By the time I made it through the village and to the intersection of Rt. 103 (a three minute drive), the digital reading had dropped 10 degrees. At the Mount Holly Flats, the readout showed two below.

The crazy thing is, it's actually warmer at the summit. We're experiencing a bit of an inversion today and by simply dressing appropriately, skiers and riders are going to have a great day on the snow. The bright sunshine and blue skies are going to help with the psychological factor and an occasional cup of hot cocoa will keep them warm from within.

On the bright side (isn't there always a bright side with me?) the snow is going to stay nice all day and The Ice House at Jackson Gore opens for ice skating today! (another excuse to drink hot cocoa - what's ice skating without cocoa?)

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luke said...

"two below, honey" - classic.