Monday, December 14, 2009

Shooting Stars?

It's another early morning for me here at Okemo and it's nice to see a clear, stary sky on my way into the office. The darkness is deceptive, though, and what looked like a super-bright star low on the horizon, started moving across the sky. It didn't take long to recognize it as the groomer that it actually was - up at the top of the mountain.

We've been singing the praises of snowmakers during the last couple of weeks and they deserve every bit of credit we can give them. But let's not forget what superstars our groomers are too. The first few weeks of the ski and ride season offer a number of challenges as a base is established and natural snowfall mixes with the manufactured white stuff. It's all good in the end thanks to the guys who churn it all up and lay down some sweet swaths of corduroy all over the mountain.

Thanks, guys. It appears I wasn't mistaken at all - thinking I saw a star in the night sky.

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