Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ticket Plaza Makeover Begins!


If you have been around the Clock Tower base area, you have seen the work being done on the plaza area. Some real effort has been going into rehabbing some of the old concrete and walk areas, and extending the greenspace.

Much of the plaza area concrete was laid down back in 1984-85, as the base area work was completed and the start of the resurrection of Okemo Mountain Resort was in full swing. As you can imagine, there have been a lot of ski & snowboard boots that have walked on this concrete as well as thousands of yards of snow have been pushed over it. The time had come to do some replacement. Several of the most worn sections will be replaced by upwards of 40 yards of concrete. There will also be drainage and gravel placed underneath to hopefully help keep the frost heaves to a minimum.

We are also removing the stairs between the Marketing doors and the entrance to Snow Stars, and renovating a set of stairs near the back door of the lodging offices. This is the area that we will be removing the existing concrete and extending the green space with additional planters and grass. Once this is done, we will then move to the concrete in front of the upper ticket booth, the Demo tent and the corner of the base lodge.

The next phase will be focused on the iconic Okemo Clocktower. New siding will be installed, and painting done on several areas. To complete the makeover, the entire 2-minute circle area will be repaved.

Much of this work is being done by the capable Okemo Mountain Operations staff as well as our Facilities Operations employees. I'll be sure to keep you up to speed on what we are doing on our summer vacation here at Okemo Mountain Resort.

We've also created a photo album which you can view at okemo.com! Enjoy.

Bruce Schmidt
General Manager

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