Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Ways to Help Ludlow, a message from Diane Mueller

Although a lot of hard work is bringing Ludlow back from a devastating storm, there are many people whose lives have been impacted in a way that is hard to totally comprehend. Okemo employees and residents are literally shoveling out and throwing out their worldly possessions. People have lost everything from their homes to clothes to furniture.

Not all the destruction is visible, but filling garbage bags in a basement filled with mud and rotting food made it clear to me that people have immediate needs and longer term needs as they put their lives back together.

Vermonters are resilient and industrious, as was evidenced at Okemo where we have repaired much of the damage and are open for business. Now we are focusing all our efforts on helping people rebuild their homes and their lives. If you are looking for a way to help, please join us in buying gift cards at local and other businesses and sending them to this address. Alternatively, for those wishing to help that are not not in the area, please consider sending a donation.

Okemo Mountain Resort
Attn: Flood Relief Aid
77 Okemo Ridge Road
Ludlow, VT 05149

These will be distributed to Okemo employees and local residents who are victims of Irene. We suggest buying gift cards in increments of $50 or less. Thank you for helping us get back on their feet before the snow flies.

Local businesses selling gift cards:

Aubuchon’s Hardware
LaValley’s Building Supply
Singleton’s Market

Other businesses close by might also have gift cards where people can buy clothing, food and building supplies.

Diane Mueller
Executive Vice President
Okemo Mountain Resort


deutzberger said...

Diane, I think what Okemo is doing for the community and those employees that were impacted is great. Keep up the good work. Paula D. Dept. 650

deutzberger said...


Keep up the good work. Glad to see that Okemo is helping. It would be nice to see another concert or event as a fundraiser with Okemo matching what is raised. Maybe during leaf peeping season?

CVN1974 said...

Good words Diane (as always). I'm spreading the word and wanted to offer anthing Cider Mag can do to help promote music benefits, arts, entertainment, etc. around the Ludlow area or Southern Vermont in general. Let's rebuild! Progress looks great so far!
-Chris Nostrand