Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heading towards the big Week......


In the ski business, we judge time as before Christmas, Christmas week, January, February vacation and Spring skiing.  Each time frame means something a little different and where we should be in regards to trails open lifts running, reservation etc.  As we leave before Christmas and into Christmas week, we remain cautiously optimistic with the weather.
Snowmaking looks to return tonight, Wednesday evening, and the plan is to go as hard, as long and cover as much acreage as we can.  The mountain operations managers have been looking at what is needed and it seems that there may be a couple trails to refresh, but we will be heading towards new terrain at the same time. Guns are poised to go to work on Sachem and Wardance in the middle of the mountain, beginner areas in the Clock Tower and Jackson Gore Base area as well as Rim Rock, Sidewinder, Moon shadow, Lower Fall Line and maybe Quantum Leap in Jackson Gore.  We are also looking at working on another access from the summit which may be Upper Chief or Nor’easter.   Once we get off of one of these trails we will be heading towards the rest of the lodging trails, as well as working on other terrain heading into South Face. 

The weather pattern looks to be active as we head into Friday and then colder temperatures are looking to settle themselves over our area beginning during the weekend.  This should set us up for some good snowmaking temperatures and if and when that happens, we should be adding trails quickly.  There will be plenty of priorities and we are aware of the need to get new terrain open as well as keep the surface skiing good.
So that gives you the plan for all you Okemo skiers and riders.  Christmas week is right around the corner and we are going to go hard and make it happen.
Happy Holidays,

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM

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