Sunday, December 16, 2012

Okemo Remembers Newtown


This weekend was a tough one for all the Okemo staff as well as America.  I began Saturday morning with the following paragraph for our daily morning staff update:

“It is with a heavy heart that we begin this Saturday morning after the Tragedy that unfolded in Newtown on Friday.  While we can feel helpless during these times, we also can keep those affected in our hearts and prayers and hold our loved ones closer each day. This area of Connecticut is home to guests who may frequent Okemo and the Ludlow region, which brings this tragic event even closer to the Okemo family. The flags located around Okemo have been lowered to half-mast today as a sign of remembrance for those who lost their lives”.

This tragedy had such a profound impact on how we all look at life.  Okemo being a fun, kid friendly, family centered resort and to think we expected all our staff and guests to go about their day without a broken heart was impossible.  There were numerous conversations that staff had with each other, guests would tell stories of knowing the area of Newtown and where the school was located.  We all have been searching for an outlet and a way to express our grief. Things in life do happen, we all try to do what we can to mitigate the bad things in life, but in the end we are bystanders and never really know what might be around the corner. 

 My blog is dedicated today to thoughts and prayers, or anyway you might want to express your feelings, for those who lost their lives last Friday. Talking about snowmaking, grooming, weather or trails just doesn’t seem right today.  As the GM of Okemo, I want us all to take a moment, hug our family and friends and appreciate what we have here and now.  Life will go on, but in some ways it won’t be the same. 
Look for a new blog tomorrow and I will return to letting you know what to look for in the coming days and how we are going to make Okemo the place to be this winter.
Yours in peace,

Bruce Schmidt
Okemo GM

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