Monday, July 9, 2007

phew.....only one left!

One down and one to go.....only one major holiday before ski season....Labor Day! That's the last paid holiday I get before the ski season begins. Despite what some of you might think Halloween is NOT a holiday.

I think I'm one of the few people who did not attend the VSO event at Jackson Gore last Friday. I heard it was a smashing success. I, however, was sitting on the porch at my friend's summer cottage (built around 1890 - very rustic) enjoying cocktails and watching the water float by. It's on a small lake in NH so we got to see Loons and Cranes and listen to lots and lots and lots of bull frogs. (I'll bring ear plugs for sleeping next year)

Despite what you might think, I did go for a run every morning.....remember, winter's right around the corner.....and went swimming and then kayaking around the lake. Finally, returning to my mountain retreat on Sunday afternoon to a very shaggy yard, hot an sticky air, and many outdoor chores still left to be done.

So, what would anyone in their right mind do after being away for five days....late on a Sunday afternoon......have a BBQ! As it turned out, the weather went south fast on Sunday evening....with lots of rain and dark clouds. So we hung out on the porch, ate burgers and potato salad and enjoyed beverages brewed right over in Winsdor, VT.

As for the 4th of July.......I went to see my family and spent the day doing chores at their house. Note to self - next summer, stay home on the 4th and do my own chores. So much for a national holiday and being lazy.

anyways.....gotta run.....time to mow the yard. (and do my lunges)


PS. A list of summer things to do?......Silver Linings is much tooooo organized.

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