Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Woke Last Night to the Sound of Thunder ...

How far off, I sat and wondered. Bob Seger's "Night Moves" must have been inspired by a night like last night. Actually I didn't wonder how far off the thunder was at all - the lightning was clearly bouncing off the ground all around me, cracking and electrifying the air. It was a classic summer storm and the lightning show was something straight out of a horror movie. The flashes of light diffused by the cloud cover lit up the entire night sky and my little log cabin. My poor dog couldn't decide whether or not to be frightened, but he did jump on the bed a couple of times when the thunder claps got close.

It's shaping up to be a scorcher here in Ludlow today - with more thunderstorms possible for this afternoon. The garden is loving this humidity and the cukes are almost ready for the dinner table ... maybe a little cucumber salad in my picnic basket for this Friday's Jackson Gore Outdoor Music Series Concert. Barring broken mirrors, black cats and misplaced ladders, The Music Series will overcome all superstitions Friday, July 13, with the contemporary and classic rock energies of singer/songwriter Jeff Tuohy

Defined by fans as "theater stage meets stadium rock," Jeff Tuohy’s music has the timeless appeal of artists like Sting, U2, Jeff Buckley and Tom Petty, taking the listener on a journey into his life's experience. Amplifier Magazine called Tuohy a handsome, singer-songwriter-guitarist who wears his heart all over his sleeve and then some, yet puts forth a high level of musicianship and pop songwriting expertise that makes this listen most pleasurable to a wide audience (i.e. teens, Gen X-ers and their moms). Melding classic rock, adult contemporary, and folk, Tuohy emerges as man of all seasons. To learn more about Jeff Tuohy, or to hear samples of his music, visit www.jefftuohy.com.

The concert is free and it's a great way to kick off a summer weekend. Cheers!

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