Thursday, July 12, 2007

Vermont Hits a Homer!

It's official - Springfield, Vermont, has been designated as the official home of Homer Simpson's family. Fourteen towns named Springfield responded to a call from 20th Century Fox studio asking them to prove their town should be chosen as the "real" Springfield. Each submitted a video that was posted on USA TODAY's website, where readers voted for their favorite. At 2 p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, Vermont was named the winner. As a result, the town of 9,300 will host the official The Simpsons Movie premiere at its own Springfield Movie Theatre, July 21, with the movie's filmmakers on hand to walk the yellow carpet.

With Springfield located just 15 miles from Okemo Mountain Resort, it's only natural that skateboarding (and probably snowboarding) Bart Simpson and the rest of Homer's clan would consider Okemo their home mountain. In celebration of the naming of Springfield, Vermont, as the Simpson's "real" town, Okemo is extending lifetime season passes to Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

When asked by a member of the media, how Okemo would "establish the real Simpsons," Okemo's public relations director responded, "DOH! Despite the fact that the real Simpsons are two-dimensional cartoon characters (a sure giveaway), we will require valid identification from Homer and his family when they show up to claim their Okemo lifetime season passes."

My favorite quote through all of this Simpsons-mania was that of Vermont Governor Jim Douglas; " to all other Springfields, I say don't have a cow man." Cheers.

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VTvid said...

I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After we helped our local Chamber of Commerce win the contest, they turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town to be invited to view the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie but instead we were kept off the invitation list so the elite members of the community could all be invited instead. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater. Read more and view our famous winning video now at our new website:
The Simpsons Springfield Vermont