Monday, November 26, 2007

Not a Slave to Fashion

Okay, so I do make an effort to stay reasonably current with the fashion trends - I mean, I'm not out there in neon colors or anything (Although I have to admit I was during the '80s). And I really just don't get it when it comes to sagging pants - but hey, every generation needs to make its mark. But the outfit I saw yesterday made me do a double take and compelled me to hug a total stranger. In the right setting, I would have thought I was seeing a real live Big-Foot, but this Yeti was wearing ski boots. When I realized I wasn't actually in any danger, I couldn't resist hugging this six-foot teddy bear. The hooded feaux-fur jumpsuit was not a costume or a homemade get-up. It's part of Spyder's 2006 line of outerwear ... and I hear that it's reversible (and very warm). Cheers!

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