Thursday, November 29, 2007

When does Jackson Gore open?

Huge question this time of year! What a lot of people don't know is that we have agreed not to begin snowmaking operations at Jackson Gore until December 1st. Why you say? Well it has to do with bears. Yes, I said bears.

There is a 30-day buffer around which to protect a bear migration corridor that exists atop the mountain at Jackson Gore. The date by which the bears are supposed to be "clear" is November 1 - so add thirty days and we're at December 1st. Enter Okemo snowmaking.

Right now our target date to open that base area is by Friday, December 7. (Of course, you all know that is contigent on weather - that goes without saying right?) Following closely behind will be opening of the snow tubing park and the snow playground, which we currently target for December 22. As always, stick close to the snow report for developing details.

Oh, and I almost forgot: The Ice House. We've been building the base layer of ice and I believe we're up to about an inch. The ol' rumor mill suggests maybe this weekend? Who knows, only time will tell.

One last thing: it's snowing. Life is good @ Okemo.


J Beazy said...

Any news as to when Sachem Quad and Sachem trail are slated to open? I will be staying slopeside starting Dec. 17th, and being able to ski down would be a great start!

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

While I cannot confirm a date, I can confirm that Sachem (the trail) is next on the priority list for snowmaking. And if we're lucky, this storm on Sunday will provide significant natural snowfall. Keep your fingers crossed!