Saturday, February 9, 2008

Powder Pirates Plunder Ludlow

The Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce put together a great Winter Carnival last weekend. People in the community really got into the theme - Pirates of Powder. The parade on Saturday night was so fun. I suspected the event would be a little hokey, but it was just good ol' American hometown fun. Okay the string of town plow trucks and bucket loaders in the parade may have been a bit much, but the floats were over the top! Okemo was the first pirate ship to roll past spectators. The wood shop guys did a great job building the vessel for the "safety Pirates" of Ski Patrol who tossed fistfulls of Snickers to spectators. The pirate music was an especially nice touch.

Kevin Barnes won the snow sculpture contest with his massive snow skull pirate embracing the OKEMO name. Steps going up the side of the sculpture lead to a slide for kids who prefer not to walk the plank. Kevin spent 15 hours building the bony-fingered behemoth.

How much does a pirate pay to have his ears pierced? A buck and ear ... get it? ... a buccaneer?

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