Monday, February 11, 2008

The "Okemo Difference" Defined

The marketing types around here talk about "The Okemo Difference" all the time, but what, exactly, is "The Okemo Difference?" Those very marketing types sent their ace snow report squad out and about to ask real skiers and riders why they continue to choose Okemo over other resorts. I must say, for completely off-the-cuff, spontaneous interviews, the responses are 110% on point! The fact that they tracked down DEE SNIDER (the lead singer of Twisted Sister - if you have to ask, it's too loud!) and managed to get him to give up the goods on this "Okemo Difference" definitely doesn't hurt! Check out all the responses, as well as some footage of skiers and riders having a blast at Okemo over the past few weeks, here: The Okemo Difference

President's Week is less than seven days away, and the entire Northeast is experiencing ePic conditions. The question is, why choose Okemo over other resorts? The answer? Superior grooming, attention to detail (Without that attention to detail, Dee wouldn't take it!), employees that are generally happy to help, one of the best ski schools in the industry, and much, much more! If you need more convincing, check out Okemo's YouTube Channel Here, and remember: We wanna rock, but we don't want to Feel the Noise past a reasonable hour...that's what downtown is for!

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