Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gotta luv da powdah!

OK, I've been quite absent from the blog lately, but a winter storm like this gets me all pumped up! whether you consider it a "pant-load" of snow, or you said it was "pukin' outside"......what it all comes down to is tons and tons of fresh snow. And....if you haven't been out in it yet....your loss.

14-16 inches of new powder on top of Okemo's monster snowmaking capacity has given the hill something to show off.......46 trails as of the snow report I saw this morning. Plus the trails at Jackson Gore are scheduled to open on Thursday. That expansion will put the hill at 50-60 trails by the weekend.....perfect for some Hanukkah holiday turns....and another reason to skip Christmas shopping. The snow was great on Monday....and winter is in full-swing today....nice and cold and snowy!

I finished all my wood splitting and outdoor projects just in time........as the snowflakes started to fall on Sunday afternoon. Did I mention I have great neighbors? They helped me plow out my driveway on Monday...which it quite long.

Remember, there's no such thing as a bad weather day when you are skiing and snowboarding, just a poor choice in clothing.

See you on the snow!

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