Friday, December 7, 2007

Yukon Kornelius to play benefit

If you're a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies or Guster you don't want to miss this special holiday treat!

A benefit concert is in the works for Wednesday, January 9th at the Pickle Barrel Nightclub in Killington. A collaboration between Okemo Mountain Resort and Warren Miller Entertainment, the Pickle Barrel will host this special event with proceeds to benefit charitable organizations including the Vermont and New Hampshire Food Banks and the environmental non-profit group Reverb.

Tickets go on sale beginning December 10 at 12 noon. Interested? Check the Okemo Newsroom for details.

PS Did I mention its snowing! Yipeee!


Dave said...

What's going on with the web cam? It hasn't worked all week..

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

I think its the weather. I've had to reboot it often. Right now it might be down due to the snow. I'll go take a peak. It has been very finicky lately.

Dave said...

Thanks, I see it is working now, I have another question, we are midweek season pass holders and have a seasonal rental in KettleBrook, Can you provide me with either the email address or mailing address of the head of mountain ops as I would like to contact him with a couple concerns me and my wife have..

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Send your concerns to I guarantee it will get into the hands of the right person. Thanks!