Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mother Earth still loves us!

She must, otherwise we wouldn't have such phenomenal conditions out on the hill right now. I went out yesterday morning and skiied from South Face over to Solitude......and I never heard my skis.....that's a wonderful thing.

The condition right now feel like mid-winter....really. and I'll admit, i love getting out on the hill mid-week. Sorry to all you Mon-Fri office slaves....but you really should consider taking a "personal wellness" day sometime soon.

Anybody who's come up for Hanukkah is in for a pleasant surprise. Because if you were here last was nasty. Last year Okemo had 11 trails open...this year...between yesterday and today...the hill opened 13 trails....go figure....and there are now 71 trails open....the most terrain in the EAST!

So get up here and get out on the snow...and if you can't get to Okemo....get somewhere and get on the snow.

PS. goin' out again today.

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