Friday, December 7, 2007

Sunday into Monday Snow Storms

It's a sweet blessing from Mother Nature, when the snow falls from a Sunday into Monday. There are many reasons why this is good and not all of them are selfish reasons. It may be tough to get to work, but if you work weekends all you can think about is using and abusing gravity on the mountain. Knee deep un-tracked powder is what we all crave. This past dump was nice because it lasted all week. Pow stashes were still available yesterday - Thursday. The early week storms are great, because they allow us mid-week riders uninhibited freshies. These storms are also good for the resort's base. The snow does not get completely skied off and is easily groomed in to solidify the base. Storms of this caliber can only help us stay open later. It also allowed us to jump off and open up more trails. We have not seen early season snow like this in years, so get your boards and planks sharpened and get here!
Us mid-week folk will save some for you!

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