Thursday, June 7, 2007

Verdant Mountains

It occured to me that it must have been a day in June, just like today, when whoever it was that was in charge of state names came up with the name "Vermont." Verdant mountains = Ver Mount = Vermont. The hills are so green today - as green as anything I've ever seen. As much as I love winter, it's the color green that I miss most during the snowy months. Oh yeah, the balsam and hemlock and long-needled pines stay green and they're beautiful when their boughs are frosted in white. But it's this lush, spring green ... the color of grass and maple leaves, that I miss so much. I'm so bad, I make a point of going to Boston every year for the annual flower show - just to get my fix of green. I'm a junkie - I admit it. I love the displays with big swaths of perfectly manicured sod. It's pretty amazing to see entire blooming landscapes on display in the same Expo Center where, just months earlier, the Boston Ski Show was in town and folks from ski resorts were all there telling Beantown (I know Bostonians hate their city being called beantown - I lived there for five years and I was one of them) to get psyched for winter and skiing and snowboarding up north.
Well, there's no sense dwelling on the time of year when the mountain is covered in white - not when the fairways are calling and all the world (at least this little corner of it) is Kermit-the-Frog GREEN! And it will be for some time to come.
It looks like I'll have a chance to get up-close and personal with some pristine blades tomorrow evening during the Jackson Gore Outdoor Music Series. Spiritual Rez will be playing a free concert in the recently sodded courtyard. Pay no attention to the weirdo splayed out, face down on the lawn. It's just me getting my fix of chlorophyll ... and springtime green. Cheers!

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