Friday, June 8, 2007

Photos from Jackson Gore

Took a walk around the Jackson Gore Base Area this afternoon and just wanted to share some photos. Everything looks so different each time I am there.
The hot tubs just outside slopeside Adams House.

And, for my next trick....voila, The Bixby House!

And, we now have tennis courts!


Colin said...

I am very impressed with your new base village. The Jackson Gore Inna and Adams house looks terrific. However, I saw a artist rendering of your base village which had a few more things. For one, it had village shops. Similar to the ones at Stratton, I think this could really bring more people. I don't know if this is at all realistic, but I saw that you has some movie nights at your Jackson Gore Inn. This is great, but have you ever considered taking it a step further and making a small movie theater as part of the Jackson Gore Village? Since the village of Ludlow lacks a movie theater, it would probably be a very popular activity. The artist rendering mentioned above also had a gondola. Any news on when any of this is coming? Thanks!

Okemo Mountain Resort said...

Colin, thanks for your notes. We are in stage two of our Jackson Gore Base Area development and plans for a gondola are definitely still part of the future mix. We are also exploring the expansion of movie nights. For its first year, we had a great response and hopefully it will continue to grow. As for a true movie theatre, not sure, but I do know we plan to have popcorn and other concessions for next season.